Hockey for Grace is a 3-on-3, two day Charity Hockey Tournament with 3 divisions; rec, competitive and co-ed that takes place at Newmarket's NTR Training Rinks. We are very excited to announce a mid day kids game happening in 2024! Each year we open registration to returning teams first, as a thank you to those you have supported us year after year. From there any remaining spots open to the general public on a first come basis. 

We are blown away to announce that the 2024 Tournament is SOLD OUT! If you would like to be placed on the wait list or be put on next years contact list (we will be adding more teams to next years tournament) send an email to  

WHEN: Sat April 20th & Sun April 21st
WHERE: NTR Newmarket
WHAT: 3-On-3 Hockey Tournament
DIVISON: Rec, Competitive and Co-Ed
WHY: Charity Tournament in support of Emily's House Children's Hospice


Team Fee:  $900/team
Individual Fee:  $90/individual

What does my registration fee get me?
Spot in the tournament
Welcome Package & Swag Bag
Ticket to the post-tourney Charity Social
Drink ticket for Charity Social
Raffle Ticket for Charity Social

Before you register please be aware of the following:

  • To play in the Co-Ed division, you will have to have to have one female skater(not goalie) on the ice at all times.
  • Payment can be made via Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or e-transfer.  E-transfers can be made to
  • If you have multiple people who wish to play, but not enough for a whole team, you can each register as an individual. There is a place at the bottom to request to be on another person’s team.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests.
  • We recommend teams of 10.  This will give you 3 lines and a goaltender.  You can have as many as you like, but we believe 10 is the ideal number.  Teams of individuals created by us will be capped at 10.

2019 Rec Winners
Team Wingman

2019 Competitive Winners
2019 Co-Ed Winners
Team Dilmar


You might be playing for Charity but that doesn't mean everyone gets a trophy!

These aren't just any trophies. Each is named after a very important member of Grace's care team from each of the spots our journey brought us. 

The Dr. Walsh Trophy:

Grace was born via emergency c-section at 33 weeks and 3 days, so we weren't expecting to have a baby the day she was born. Quite the opposite. We were at our last pre-natal class at Southlake expecting to go up to the OB Triage, get checked out, and be on our way home. Very quickly we knew something wasn't right when the OB on call was paged, that night it was Dr Walsh. She told us to call our people because we were having this baby... now. The actions of Dr Walsh and the team that was on that night are the reason that we got to meet our sweet girl. They did everything to get Grace here. And then Dr Walsh did even more. She was there for us weeks after, once Grace had passed and we weren't sure what we were supposed to do next. She sat with us in her office, she asked us how we were doing, and then she just listened. And when we were ready to add to our family she was there every step of the way. Through every anxiety ridden appointment, frantic calls, walking me through our birthing plan time and time again to make sure I was comfortable, to writing what I can only imagine were thoughtful and insightful notes in our chart so that every time I ended up in triage and they read my chart they knew why I was being so cautious or having a hard go. She made sure both our babies arrived on this earth and we couldn't have been more appreciative for everything she has done for us. 

The Nurse Stephanie Trophy:

Grace was swept away to Sick Kids in the wee hours of the morning by the phenomenal transport team the night she was born but one of the things we were most worried about was Grace being alone. But when Chris headed down the next morning he let me know she was anything but. Nurse Stephanie was Grace's intake nurse and there when Grace arrived at Sick Kids, she's never left her side or ours since. She would later tell me how she talked to Grace and told her how much her parents loved her, how brave she was as they did numerous tests; picking and prodding and stood up for her when it became enough for the night. She was there for many of the big decision and big steps, she helped us create beautiful keepsakes like the hand drawn tree that we all added our thumb prints to. But most importantly she was Grace's biggest advocate to live her best life while she was here. Nurse Stephanie was the reason that we got to spend those 5 life changing days at Emily's House. She's the one who gave us the inspiration for Grace's adventures. She made sure we arrived as quickly as possible to Emily's House, spending I'm sure countless extra hours ensuring the paperwork was complete and the i's dotted, even accompanying us to Emily's House so that we could get there right away not having to wait a second longer. Grace only knew love in this world and Nurse Stephanie was a big reason for that.

The Nurse Dio Trophy: 

Our first night at Emily's House is special for so many reasons and one is because it's the night we met Nurse Dio. Anyone who knows us knows how special this man is to our family. Dio was Grace's favourtie nurse at Emily's House and was there our first night helping us get settled in. That first night I woke up in the wee hours of the morning frantic, I had a nightmare and thought something was wrong with Grace. Nurse Dio came rushing in made sure she was alright and calmed me down. He then took her upstairs and spent the next few hours cuddling with her so we could get a few hours of sleep because I didn't want her to sleep alone. Grace loved Nurse Dio and so do we. They shared special moments cuddling upstairs on the couch and Dio always warmed up the stethoscope because Grace hated the cold. It was the little touches like adding the Blue Jays and Habs logo to her room name plaque that made us feel so cared for. He and Grace shared a special bond and I am forever grateful for his love, care and empathy not only while at Emily's House but through the years since. Dio was with Emily's House for 7 years and was there since they opened their doors. 7 years he was there to love each child, hold their parents hands and be an incredible health care provider. But that also means he has been there for 7 years of goodbyes, of tears as ones who shouldn't be leaving us do. I don't know how he did it. How he gave a part of himself with each child that came through the doors and after saying goodbye would go back and do it all again. Dio, you are an angel right here on earth.