Meet The Kids, Meet The Families

Something special is happening this year. This year we are including some very special people in #HockeyForGrace2020. This year all Hockey for Grace team names will be in honour of a baby or child who has died. We would like to introduce you to the 20 children who we will be celebrating, remembering and honouring in this years tournament. Each has touched this world in such special ways and although they each have left us much too soon they will never be forgotten. Please take the time read their stories, and get to know each of these beautiful souls. At the end of each of their stories is also a link where you can head to make a donation to the team of your choice.

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Why Hockey For Grace: Grace

This week we’ve been sharing with you all the reasons that we started and continue to run Hockey For Grace. Today we share the most important reason, Grace.

Our daughter Grace was born on February 16th, 2016. She was our first child and we were so excited for her arrival. She too was excited to see us as she arrived 8 weeks early. Shortly after her birth we were told the worst news we will ever receive; her days on this earth were limited. Grace brought us so much joy and so much love. She is one of our biggest accomplishments (shared only with her baby brother) and although we feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to meet her and to have time with her, we miss her so very much each and every day.

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Why Hockey For Grace: Emily’s House

This week we’re sharing with you why we started and continue to run Hockey For Grace. Today we share the reason we raise money, Emily’s House.

There we sat in the hospital. Shocked, stunned and unsure what came next. We thought we would be taking our little girl home. We had no idea how to navigate this new reality; you don’t plan on your child dying. It quickly washed over me that the only place Grace would see of this world was the hospital, that was not okay. I blurted out more as a thought then a statement or question, “I want to take her home”. Nurse Stephanie looked at me and said “We can make that happen, but there’s another option, can I tell you about Emily’s House?”

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And The Grand Total Is… $26,029.00

Yesterday we were excited to spend the day at Emily’s House and present this year’s cheque from Hockey for Grace. We are so thankful to each and every person who made this donation possible because it certainly is a full community effort. We set a lofty goal of raising $25,000 this year and are blown away that not only were we able to achieve it but actually surpass it by more than $1,000! The money that was raised will ensure that the families who access Emily’s House in the year ahead not only receive the best medical care but that they also have access to the compassion and support needed to make the days they have with their child filled with love and beautiful memories.

Often when you have a child you are told it takes a village. But what if that child is not here? Well, ask any loss parent and they will tell you, it definitely takes a village to live after that. It takes that village to support, to grieve, to celebrate, to remember and to honor. Well I think we have a city! We are simply blown away with the ways that our family, our friends, our community and complete strangers continue to come together to provide all we need. This years event had 20 teams, 8 referees, 9 time keepers, 10 sponsors, over 50 volunteers, over 75 prizes and over 300 Charity Social attendees. WOW!!

Our biggest fear after loosing Grace was that she would be forgotten. We make sure everyday that is not the case and after reflecting on this years event we are reminded that there are a lot of people ensuring she will never be forgotten. An event like this takes so much to put together, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks to each and every person who has made this year and past years possible.

When you know that you will not have a lifetime with your child the thought of all the memories you will not have can be overwhelming. Grace’s Adventure Fund supports providing memory making and legacy activities for Emily’s House families. We were honoured at this years cheque presentation to have a beautiful Grace’s Adventure Fund mural mounted beside Grace’s room. It includes photos of activities to give Emily’s House families ideas of the kinds of things they might want to do in celebration of their child. This was something that is extremely special to Chris and I as we feel that if Nurse Stephanie hadn’t sparked our imagination of all the things we’d like to do with Grace we might not have the special moments we have and treasure so very much. We want to give that gift to other families as well and that is why this is such an important way for us to contribute to Emily’s House.
Grace's Adventure Wall

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for supporting us, for reaching into your pockets and spending your hard earned dollars to support Emily’s House and ensure families to come will receive the precious gift of time and memories. Most of all thank you for showing us this world will not forget Grace. Because of all of you, Grace’s legacy will be that of shared adventures and relishing every moment we have with our loved ones. We couldn’t be more in your debt. Thank you for supporting Hockey for Grace. We wouldn’t be here without you.

💕 The Manning Family

Why Hockey For Grace: Awareness

Today we’re sharing the final reason for Hockey For Grace. Awareness. To start a conversation about Pregnancy & Infant Loss.

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in a loss? We didn’t. It’s a staggering fact and one we didn’t hear through any of my pregnancy until we were 1 of those 4.

So many have personally been through a loss. A miscarriage, a stillbirth, a loss after birth. They all matter. They all hurt. As soon as you start trying, as soon as you see those pink lines on a pregnancy test, you start dreaming, you start planning, you start loving. Yet when a loss happens so many stay silent.

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