Why Hockey For Grace: Grace

This week we’ve been sharing with you all the reasons that we started and continue to run Hockey For Grace. Today we share the most important reason, Grace.

Our daughter Grace was born on February 16th, 2016. She was our first child and we were so excited for her arrival. She too was excited to see us as she arrived 8 weeks early. Shortly after her birth we were told the worst news we will ever receive; her days on this earth were limited. Grace brought us so much joy and so much love. She is one of our biggest accomplishments (shared only with her baby brother) and although we feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to meet her and to have time with her, we miss her so very much each and every day.

Grace is the reason that Hockey for Grace was born. Chris loves hockey and adores his little girl. To him a Hockey Tournament in her name was the perfect way to remember her and to keep her spirit alive. We have always said that we want ways to give Grace a legacy beyond our grief and this seemed like a perfect way. Ask any parent who has lost their child and one thing they will always tell you is that they just want people to remember. To remember their child existed. To speak their child’s name. Often people don’t want to bring it up thinking it will bring us too much pain or make us cry. And it might make us cry but you can’t cause us any more pain, we live with the loss of our child every day. But talking about her, oh how we love to talk about her. You see in that way we are like any other parent, we love to talk about our child. We’ll tell you how she hated it when she got hiccups, that she loved snuggling up on her daddy’s chest because it was so warm, that she loved when we sang to her, or the joy we felt the day she opened her eyes. We can tell you stories about the birthday party she had, our adventures going shopping or the night she got to watch a hockey game with daddy. She may have only been here eight shorts days but luckily we have so many incredible memories and so many stories. We love to tell each and every one of them and we don’t even mind telling them twice.

And so this tournament is about so much more then hockey. It’s about making sure Grace has her own spot in this world even if she can’t be here. It’s about making sure people will always know who she was. It’s about celebrating a little girl who changed our lives for the better. It’s about making our hearts feel a little less broken. It’s about showing our little girl just how much she is loved.

Read Grace’s Story here.


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